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Daffodil Change Maker Award:

“Daffodil Change Maker Award”
The Daffodil Change Maker Award will be awarded to individuals or organizations such as social entrepreneurs, innovators, students, researchers, teachers, business leaders, policy makers and activists that are creating real, meaningful changes with most innovative solutions for individual or social sustainable development to establish holistic peace and happiness. The Change Maker Award is designed to recognize people/organization of Bangladesh who has set something in motion in order to create positive change.


The Daffodil Change Maker Award by Annisul Huq Study Center will be awarded to fulfill the following aims and objectives:-

  • To inspire people to work to change for good.
  • To acknowledge the contributor of the society who are working for positive change.
  • To create torchbearers who will work to make Annisul Huq’s values and concept of positive change immortal. 

Eligibility & Award Criteria
Educational Qualification: N/A. We believe anyone, less or more educated, can generate an idea to bring positive change in society.
Age limit: 18-70 years.
Citizenship: This is only for the citizens of Bangladesh.
For Organization: The organization should be owned by Bangladesh citizen and approved by Bangladesh Government.
Process of submitting nomination: Anyone can nominate anyone who is working for change. For example, nominees can be nominated by a colleague, associate, friend or family member who can represent the impact that the nominee has made.
The process will be kept for four weeks. After getting the nomination the panel of judges will select the winner of the award.
For nominating a change maker please click (a form will be added ) here.

Judgment Criteria:

  • The idea of creating positive change
  • The contribution of the individuals or organization towards the society and nation.
  • The impact of the initiative to the society.
  • The change is sustainable or not
  • The idea of change is original or inspired from somewhere.
  • A project or initiative that has either been completed or is currently being undertaken that illustrates change-making behavior

Award:  The winner will receive BDT one lakh as prize money along with certificate and crest.
Link of a sample website from where we can get idea to make our website for Change maker Award: http://www.blchangemakers.com